NFP partners with Palm Beach North Athletic Foundation

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“We’re excited to partner with Palm Beach North Athletic Foundation and be an active participant in a project that will bring tremendous benefit to families in and around Palm Beach County,” said Doug Hammond, chairman and CEO of NFP. “We believe strongly in the positive impact of athletics – teamwork, discipline, mental and physical well-being – and the PBN Sportsplex will provide opportunities for people from all experiences and backgrounds to participate and thrive.”

The PBN Sportsplex, a two-story, 213,00-square-foot facility in the Gardens North County District Park, will use green building principles to increase energy and water efficiency. The facility will support team and individual sports, fitness and wellness and more. It will feature two ice rinks to serve Florida’s growing hockey community.

“We’re thrilled to partner with NFP, an organization that embraces our mission and shares our commitment to this community,” said Michael Winter, founder and president of the PBNAF board. “Their engagement and guidance will be essential to realizing the full potential of the PBN Sportsplex project.”

NFP’s sponsorship will also include an opportunity to introduce programs from Valor Hockey, which focuses on an inclusive approach to building character, life skills and values through hockey. Created by Pat LaFontaine, former NHL player and ambassador for NFP’s Sports and Entertainment Group, this thinking will be integrated into PBNAF’s hockey programs at the PBN Sportsplex.

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“Valor programs are designed to redefine what it means to win and empower positive experiences through hockey that reflect shared values,” LaFontaine said. “We all want to nurture happy, well-rounded and successful kids, so what they take away from playing hockey and other sports has to be more than just competitive results. Valor will differentiate the PBN Sportsplex from day one and set the standard for youth sports in Florida and across the country.”

The partnership also aligns with NFP’s commitment to communities where it operates, the company said.

“As we expand our presence in South Florida, it’s a priority to proactively engage with the community and invest in initiatives beneficial to everyone,” said Bill Austin, managing director at NFP in South Florida. “The PBN Sportsplex vision focuses on ‘recreation for all,’ and we’re proud to be a leader in bringing this vision to life.”


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