Neakasa cordless wet/dry vacuum boasts an 80,000 rpm motor and 18,000 Pa suction

Keep your home spotless with the Neakasa cordless wet/dry vacuum. Boasting an 80,000 rpm motor, its 6,500 rpm brush picks up both wet and dry debris. Not only that, but it also has strong suction at 18,000 Pa. Furthermore, it keeps itself clean on its own—push the self-clean button, and it’ll automatically clean its brushes and pipes. No mess for you! As both a vacuum and a mop, it has a twin tank system to keep debris separate. In fact, it has a 700 ml dirty water tank and a 780 ml clean water tank. With a water level sensor, it ensures you won’t ever accidentally overfill it. Furthermore, this device offers both Eco and Power modes. The former works great for daily cleaning needs, while the latter cleans up serious messes like soup, broken eggs, and more. Finally, use it on everything from tile to carpet to hardwood floors.

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