Native Union iPhone 14 Universal Sling is a recycled cross-body strap for everyday use

Carry your iPhone 14 comfortably on the go with the Native Union iPhone 14 Universal Sling. This 100% recycled cross-body strap is a must-have for everyday use. In fact, this sling is compatible with the Native Union CLIC (RE)Classic Case. With 4 colors to choose from, this sling makes a great everyday carry item. You can easily attach it to closed-bottom cases via the adapter and simply unclip to go Sling-free. Additionally, the durable construction makes it a product you can use for a long time. Thanks for the adjustable length and thicker straps, the sling also makes a comfortable everyday accessory. You can easily personalize them with the 4 color options and make your iPhone 14 even more versatile on the go.

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