Mum names baby Lockie after Covid lockdowns

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A mum who fell pregnant during the Covid pandemic has named her baby Lockie after the lockdowns. Jodi Cross, 36, conceived during the second coronavirus shutdown in 2021 after trying for a year to start a family with her husband Rob, also 36. To remember when she and Rob became successfully pregnant Jodi decided to call their baby girl Lockie after lockdown.

Lockie arrived last year weighing 5lbs and 2oz at Bedfordshire Hospital, Beds, at 5.28am on November 28. 

Jodi told WalesOnline that the unusual baby name choice was to celebrate a “really good time” in her and Rob’s lives despite the horrors of the virus.

Hairdresser Jodi said being on furlough during the pandemic meant the couple had more time to try for a baby.

Jodi, from Wixams, Beds, said when Lockie was born the Omicron strain was on the rise so the couple knew their little girl would be born during a lockdown as well as conceived during one.

She said: “So we named her Lockie for Lockdown – we really liked the name, and lockdown was a good time in our lives because it was so relaxing.

“People might not like the name, but I don’t care what they think. We had been trying for a year to get pregnant and lockdown meant I was furloughed and Rob was working less.

“I think we just relaxed a bit because we had so much more time than we normally would, and then we found out I was pregnant.”

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Jodi and Rob were in the same class at school before meeting again on a dating app in November 2019 and starting a relationship.

As the first lockdown hit in March 2020 Jodi and Rob lived separately but Rob moved in to her flat so they could try for a baby.

A year on and not having fallen pregnant Jodi said she focused on work at the salon thinking it was not going to happen.

But just a week after returning from furlough the couple were overjoyed to discover Jodi was pregnant and even later married in secret when she was seven months.

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Lockie was born in November and Rob and Jodi decided to opt for the name to remember the Covid-19 lockdowns that coincided with her conception and birth.

Jodi said: “We know lots of people didn’t enjoy lockdown but for us, it was a good time. We actually had the best time in lockdown.

“With both of us being home, we had no worries and found it really relaxing. We named her after a good time, not a bad one.”

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