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A brand new examine finds that whereas younger and wholesome mice present clear variations between daytime and nighttime physique temperature rhythms, in older and diseased animals the distinction basically disappeared.

In people and different mammals, physique temperature oscillates in a 24-hour rhythm. This every day rhythm in physique temperature is a vital think about regulating many physiological processes. The lack of this rhythm is a crucial marker of—and contributor to—illness.

In a examine revealed within the journal Chronobiology Worldwide, UCLA Well being researchers checked out physique temperature rhythms in younger and middle-aged mice, and in a mouse mannequin of Huntington’s Illness. They discovered that in younger wholesome mice, there’s a distinct distinction between the nighttime rhythm and daytime mode. At night time, the younger and wholesome mice had sturdy increased frequency oscillations, whereas within the daytime, these physique temperature oscillations had been absent. However within the older and diseased animals, the night time/day distinction disappeared.

“In these older and diseased mice, because the tune says, ‘it is laborious to inform the nighttime from the day,'” mentioned Alan Garfinkel, Analysis Professor of Drugs and Integrative Biology and Physiology. “This lack of the flexibility to segregate daytime from nighttime rhythms could also be a normal phenomenon in well being vs. illness, since just about all hormones within the physique have the same sample of nighttime vs. daytime rhythms.

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Christopher G. Griffis et al, Circadian and ultradian rhythms in regular mice and in a mouse mannequin of Huntington’s illness, Chronobiology Worldwide (2022). DOI: 10.1080/07420528.2021.2014516
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Mouse examine finds age, illness change physique temperature rhythms (2022, January 13)
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