MOMENTEM dual-burr coffee grinder has an adjustable crank, catch cup & built-in sifter

Count yourself among an elite coffee crew when you have the MOMENTEM dual-burr coffee grinder. With a dual-burr grinding system and an adjustable crank, this innovative gadget also has a magic catch cup and a built-in sifter system. Designed for coffee professionals and coffee fanatics, it has revolutionary features for the manual coffee grinding industry. Providing multi-step hand grinding, it results in better brews for everyone from baristas to home brewers. With this hassle-free 2-step grinding system, you’ll enjoy an expanded flavor profile. Moreover, its ergonomic design incorporates titanium-coated stainless steel. The first conical burr acts as the pre-breaker to create coarse grounds, and the second receives them at an even feeding rate. Overall, it generates less heat than single-burr grinders, and it delivers a relatively narrow Particle Size Distribution. Finally, this versatile gadget lets you build unique brewing recipes for any brewing method!

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