Mets reporter: ‘Stop making Daniel Vogelbach’s weight a story’

Slugger and designated hitter Daniel Vogelbach has become a fan favorite among the New York Mets faithful since the Amazins acquired him from the Pittsburgh Pirates last month.

According to Rob Piersall of FanNation’s Inside the Mets, Vogelbach has slashed .341/.473/.568 since the trade and added two home runs and 10 RBI. However, many fans and even some media members continue to focus on the fact that the 29-year-old is listed at 6-foot and 270 pounds, and is, as Mike Vaccaro of the New York Post put it, a “big guy.”

Media personality Michelle Margaux, who covers the Mets for club television home SNY, has heard enough of such takes. 

“Something I think we all need to do as media members and as baseball fans is to stop making Daniel Vogelbach’s weight a story,” Margaux argued during Thursday’s edition of the “Geico SportsNite” SNY program.   

“I don’t think under any circumstance that there should be this much attention on a person in that way. We’re lucky that he’s taken the questions, the articles and the chatter in stride. But it’s time that it stops. 

“Right now, he’s performing at a higher level than most expected. So why does it need to be talked about? He’s human. He’s a good baseball player. And he’s helping the Mets win.”

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