Mellow Watch contactless payment 4G smartwatch teaches children smart money habits

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The Mellow Watch is a 4G smartwatch that helps your children ages 5+ build correct money habits. Promoting financial knowledge and skills early, this wearable gadget offers chore-based allowance, goal-based saving, and contactless payment via Mellow’s virtual debit Visa/Mastercard for children. Moreover, the Mellow Watch provides age-specific financial academic quizzes based on K12 National Standards to help children learn. Kids can develop skills like delayed gratification and the value of money from real-life practices. The Mellow Watch is also linked to the Parent App. Through this, you can easily monitor their real-time activity and set parental controls like freeze card and spending limits. Finally, the Mellow Watch offers GPS tracking, VoIP audio calls, and messages for parents to always be just one click away from their children.

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