Meet Ucon Creative, a VR training platform designer for education, jobs & martial arts

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Looking for online education opportunities for your child? Ucon Creative’s platform offers a wide range of courses on the metaverse they can access anytime, anywhere.

Help students learn, regardless of their location, with Ucon Creative’s metaverse educational programs: EduCore, Taekwon Master, and JobTeacher. These platforms help bridge educational gaps worldwide.

Could your student benefit from online courses or job training? Online education and metaverse interaction expanded rapidly during the global pandemic, demonstrating that quality educational experiences can happen in the digital world.

However, supplying equipment for metaverse education is a concern, as are incongruencies between direct and indirect instruction. In response, Ucon Creative has developed 3 VR products addressing these issues. Let’s take a look at them!

Would your child like to take a class their school doesn’t offer? Maybe they’d rather learn at home instead of in a physical classroom. Ucon Creative’s EduCore metaverse platform offers your child these options.

This metaverse educational program aims to simplify metaverse education options. It hopes to link current online educational programs to its platform, bringing virtual reality learning options to more regions and income levels.

Moreover, EduCore has the potential to bring enhanced educational opportunities to areas around the world. In fact, it’s an exciting development that offers industry-level improvement.

Additionally, courses include social science, natural science, engineering, and art and physical management. Some specific courses are economics, humanism, sports, dance, physics, painting, and more.

EduCore offers a self-directed learning design that relies on 24-hour 2-way communication with AI instructors. The company works with Korean domestic standards (KS) for educational metaverse services. It also works with the Korea Standards Association (KSA) and is working to comply with International Standards (ISO).

Ucon Creative
Student wearing a headset (Image Credit: NSW government, Unsplash)

JobTeacher trains people with developmental disabilities

Ucon Creative’s JobTeacher uses both VR and AR tech to offer reality experiences for individuals with developmental disabilities. These metaverse educational programs provide both daily life and vocational training.

The daily life training lessons cover skills like putting things away, cooking, ordering, and calculating. Using a headset, students get hands-on repetitive experience completing these tasks.

Then, the vocational training courses instruct students how to perform tasks in a job setting. So students learn things like how to preheat an oven, add syrup to coffee, and use office equipment.

Person folding clothes (Image Credit: Sarah Brown, Unsplash)

Ucon Creative laid the groundwork for entering the US market

The company says it has been chosen as a K-Metaverse global capacity-building company. It is also supported by the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) and the Ministry for Science and ICT.

It also participated in the 2022 Mobile World Congress (MWC 2022) held in Las Vegas. There, the company cooperated with the American Association for Developmental Disabilities and the Education Foundation. Altogether, these cooperations set the groundwork for JobTeacher and EduCore to enter the US market.

Ucon Creative platforms informational video

Taekwon Master offers martial arts training in VR

Not every locality has a martial arts training school. So Taekwon Master uses applied AR and AI technology with motion capture to teach students martial arts anywhere.

Since these classes work with a large, immersive screen, a VR headset isn’t necessary. The lessons introduce students to Taekwondo poomsae, stretching, and the Taeguk chapter. Students can even compete in AR with this program.

Martial arts are beneficial to a student’s physical development and personal character. Taekwon Master ensures students everywhere can learn them.

Meet Ucon Creative, a creator of VR training platforms for education, jobs, and martial arts
A man and child washing dishes (Image Credit: CDC, Unsplash)

Read our verdict on these VR educational experiences

The pandemic demonstrated that if there’s a will to expand educational programs online, there’s a way. Ucon Creative’s metaverse educational programs offer students realistic online learning experiences and access to instruction no matter their locality or time zone.

EduCore offers courses in a range of disciplines, ensuring that if there’s a subject a student wants to learn, they can do so through the platform. Then, JobTeacher instructs daily and on-the-job skills for people with developmental disabilities.

Finally, Taekwon Master instructs students in martial arts from anywhere. Who says learning has to take place inside the classroom? With these platforms, students can get hands-on learning anywhere—an educational breakthrough.

Love Ucon Creative’s platforms? Order one for your students starting at $4,050 on the official website.

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