Meet the portable charger that’s 3 times faster than typical 5W chargers

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Need a fast charger for on-the-go use? Check out the AOHI Magcube 30W PD mini charger. It packs 30W of power into a tiny, travel-friendly design.

Take powerful charging on the go with the AOHI Magcube 30W PD mini charger. This tiny gadget gives you a 30-watt power delivery in the size of an Apple 5W charger but charges devices up to 3 times faster.

Tired of lugging around a large laptop charger when you work from a coffee shop or visit friends for the weekend? Go for something smaller with the AOHI Macube 30W PD Mini Charger. This tiny charger adds fast power to your devices. Let’s check it out.

Charge your devices 3 times faster

No one likes sitting around, waiting for their devices to charge. After all, you want to get out and use them. The wait may be over if you add the AOHI Magcube 30W PD mini charger to your mobile workstation or EDC.

This miniature charger powers your iOS, Android, and Google devices with up to 6 times the power and 3 times faster than most 5W chargers. It brings your phones, tablets, and other USB-C devices up to speed, letting you get to your meeting or work session sooner.

With this handy device, even your MacBook Air charges at full speed while you’re away from your normal workstation.

AOHI Magcube 30W product video

Bring this compact charger with you anywhere

While nothing quite tops faster power delivery, this mini charger’s tiny footprint comes pretty close. At 1.1″ long, wide, and high, it’s such a compact charger. It fits between 2 fingers and weighs only 0.9 pounds.

Compare that to Apple’s 30W MacBook charger that’s as wide as your hand. You need to keep it in a bag since there’s no way it will fit in your back pocket.

On the other hand, the AOHI Magcube 30W PD Mini Charger is pocket-size, so you can simply store it in your pocket when you’re on the move. It’s also great for travel since it cuts down on the weight your tech adds to carry-on luggage.

Go for GaN+ power with this portable charger

GaN chargers are known for giving consumers more bang for their buck. They’re smaller and allow for fast charging. This mini charger is no different, relying on the latest GaN+ tech. It allows the AOHI Magcube 30W to be small in size and disperse energy and transmit power more efficiently.

Power your devices safely

Meanwhile, you get peace of mind when you charge your laptop, tablet, phone, and other devices with this mini charger. That’s because the company uses the same PI chip as leading brands along with 3-stage intelligent charging tech.

So you can expect high-quality protection for your devices with this 30W charger. And, with 3 different charging currents that change according to charging status, it also keeps battery health in mind.

Charge nearly any device with this GaN gadget

Do you use Apple and Android devices? You won’t have to worry about compatibility with this mini charger. It works with multiple fast-charging protocols. It delivers the correct voltage and power to iOS and Android phones, laptops, tablets, earbuds, smartwatches, and more.

The charger actually auto matches your device with its corresponding fast-charging needs. It’s one charger that fits all your devices—you don’t need to worry about the switchover.

See charging status & enjoy trickle charging mode

Wouldn’t it be nice to see your device’s charging status? It’s a feature that’s not typically available on most chargers. This compact charger, however, gives you a visual symbol for each of the 3-stage charges.

An amber light glows when your devices are fast charging. And you’ll see a solid blue light during a standard charge. Finally, the trickle charging mode is signified by a green charging light. This way, you’ll never have to wonder about your device’s charging status.

As for the trickle charging mode, it’s a cool feature for charging smaller devices like wireless earbuds and smartwatches. It charges the battery slowly over a period, without the risk of overcharging.

Choose it for your on-the-go needs

Should you buy the AOHI Magcube 30W PD Mini Charger? If you work remotely from different locations like coffee shops and rentals, the answer is a resounding yes. This charger’s tiny footprint is easily portable and adds safe, fast power to your devices.

Likewise, this charger is a great choice for busy parents or students. It gets your devices to full power faster, ensuring they’re ready whenever you need to run out for class or pick up the kids from soccer practice.

Buy the AOHI Magcube 30W for $19.99 on Amazon. What space-saving workspace gadgets do you use? Let us know in the comments.

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