Max Scherzer reveals why he thinks PitchCom should be ‘illegal’

MLB introduced its new PitchCom system for use this season, generally to prevent sign stealing between catchers and pitchers during games. The technology has generally been popular, but New York Mets ace Max Scherzer is not a fan.

Scherzer used PitchCom for the first time during Wednesday’s outing against the New York Yankees. The veteran said the technology worked fine and was helpful, but that he felt it “should be illegal” anyway.

“It works. Does it help? Yes. But I also think it should be illegal,” Scherzer said, via Justin Tasch of the New York Post. “I don’t think it should be in the game.

“For me, I’ve always taken pride in having a complex system of signs and having that advantage over other pitchers,” Scherzer continued. “The fact that we’re taking this out of the game and we’re just putting in technology, now everybody — you can’t steal signs on second, the pitcher can’t have an advantage of having a complex system. It’s part of baseball trying to crack someone’s signs. Does it have its desired intent that it cleans up the game a little bit? Yes, but I also feel like it takes away part of the game.”

Essentially, Scherzer said he is very good at mixing up his signs, so having PitchCom somewhat negates the advantage that gives him. That’s fair, but after the Houston Astros scandal, some level of precaution had to be taken at league level.

PitchCom has not been without its issues, but it seems like a net positive. Scherzer will simply have to adapt, and it seems as though he is doing just that.

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