‘Married At First Sight’ Preview: Stacia’s Mom Urges Her To Give Nate A ‘Chance’ 

Stacia and her mom, Stacy, are prepping for a very important day: Stacia’s wedding to Nate. “I am very excited for you today,” Stacy tells her daughter in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the July 13 episode of Married At First Sight. Stacy is thrilled that Stacia is finally taking a risk.

“You usually plan everything out, and to see you not have that control and you’re flowing with it is amazing,” Stacy continues. Stacia replies, “All I can do is try.”

Married At First Sight
Stacia talks with her mom about Nate before her wedding. (Lifetime)

Both mom and daughter are nervous about the big day. “I know you’re particular about your men,” Stacy says. “That’s what worries me. I want you to give him a chance. Sometimes the first impression isn’t the best impression because it’s really superficial… I want. you to get to know this person and don’t let your fears stop you.”

Stacia is concerned about finding out what Nate’s expectations are in his wife. “I don’t want his expectation to be something that… changes who I am,” she admits. Stacia’s friend brings up if (and how) she is going to compromise when it comes to issues in her relationship. Stacia points out that she’s going to have to establish what a “real boundary” is with Nate.

In the season 15 premiere, Stacia revealed her biggest dealbreaker in a relationship. Stacia told her mom that a “post-nup” is non-negotiable with her. “I am 100 percent for that,” Stacia said. However, Stacia wants to have a family and thinks Married At First Sight will help her get that dream.

Married At First Sight
Nate and Stacia get married in season 15. (Lifetime)

“But I feel like as I get older, it’s pushing me a little bit further back with having kids. So I need to find somebody who is as serious and committed to wanting to you know build a family,” she said. Married At First Sight season 15 airs Wednesdays on Lifetime.

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