Marlow Pillow has a cooling-infused memory foam for better comfort, rest, and support

Enjoy a perfect balance of comfort and support with the Marlow Pillow. Thanks to the cooling infused memory foam, this pillow will not let you experience sleepless nights due to lack of comfort anymore. Additionally, this pillow has a fully adjustable design with three unique loft profiles. In fact, the cooling fibers have ventilated gussets for airflow as well as a low-density percate shell. There’s also the built-in NASA technology that offers you a gel-infused chopped memory foam. With a shell made from 100% cotton, this pillow easily repels dust, mites and bacteria. You can also go for a separate pillow protector to keep this pillow safe and secure. With its’s built-in cooling technology, this pillow is undoubtedly a great option for sleeping comfortably all-night long.

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