MAGMUG magnetic gym caddy lets you magnetically attach your stuff to metal equipment

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Stop putting your things on the dirty gym floor! Use the MAGMUG magnetic gym caddy. It lets you easily carry your stuff around the gym and magnetically attach it to metal equipment. Using a special magnetic mechanism built around a custom 3-piece hinge, MAGMUG can attach to flat and curved surfaces. Moreover, its ergonomic handle can also double as a hook to hold your towel or headphones. Your pockets hold only so much, and there’s nowhere good to set your things at the gym. But MAGMUG will fit your water bottle, cell phone, earbud case, protein bar, keys, cash or credit cards, and more. Furthermore, a cutout in its phone compartment even makes it easy to take selfies with it—no tripod needed! Overall, more than just a gym caddy, MAGMUG is great for use anywhere!

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