Magic Johnson: Steph Curry should win NBA Finals MVP no matter which team wins

Magic Johnson is joining the growing chorus of people who believe that the NBA Finals MVP could be justified going to a player from the losing team.

Johnson tweeted Sunday that Stephen Curry is his choice for Finals MVP regardless of whether the Golden State Warriors win the series or not. Johnson argued that Curry has been so dominant in the first four games, it should not matter if the Warriors win or lose.

Through four games, Curry is averaging 34.3 points per game and shooting 49 percent from three. Nobody else comes close to matching those numbers. Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum are the Celtics’ co-leaders in points per game, but Tatum has not had a dominant performance in the series and Brown has not been as big a factor in Boston’s two losses.

For what it’s worth, there is precedent for a Finals MVP coming from a losing team. Jerry West received the honor in 1969, the first year the award was given out, despite his Lakers losing in seven games to the Celtics.

Curry’s Finals performance does seem to be solidifying his legacy as one of the greats, if that had not happened already. He’s received immense praise from some notable names for his performances. It’s absolutely plausible that he could win Finals MVP even if the Celtics pull out the series, which remains a legitimate possibility based on how the first four games have gone.

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