Mackenzie McKee: I Don’t Understand Why No One Wants Me on Teen Mom!

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Mackenzie McKee has had it with the disrespect!

Or, well, with what she perceives as disrespect … and goodness knows this girl’s perception skills leave something to be desired.

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Mackenzie is upset, once again, with MTV and how they’ve been treating her unfairly — again, this is how she’s perceiving things.

Mac’s issues with MTV began last year when she referred to Kamala Harris as a “colored woman” in a Facebook post.

This is, of course, wrong, and her reaction to the backlash she received for saying it was wrong as well.

Cheyenne Floyd, her fellow Teen Mom OG cast member, was kind enough to try to help her figure it out, but she just kept digging her heels in and insisting that she loves everyone, which was a weird reaction.

Mackenzie McKee as a Teen Mom

She admitted to trying to reach out to Cheyenne multiple times, begging her to help her understand what she did wrong, but eventually Cheyenne stopped responding.

By the time the next Teen Mom reunion taping took place back in October, Mackenzie was effectively shunned by the rest of the cast.

She complained about this a lot, whining about how badly the other girls hurt her feelings and claiming that she was being shut out of the group just because Cheyenne “hates” her.

Her pity party continued in December, when she revealed that she hadn’t been invited to film the Teen Mom: Family Reunion series.

Mackenzie Mc Kee

She later said that MTV had lied to her by telling her that they’d just chosen “a few select people from each show and that it had nothing to do with one being left out, which is not true.”

She’s right there — they even invited Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham to appear on the show, former cast members that had been fired.

And now Mackenzie is hurt all over again, because the girls are once again filming together for a new season of Family Reunion.

Take a guess who wasn’t invited!

Catelynn Lowell, Amber Portwood, Maci Bookout, Cheyenne Floyd, Jade Cline, Leah Messer, and Briana DeJesus are all together right now, having fun and getting paid, and that just doesn’t sit right with Mackenzie.

“I’m an hour away and they act like I don’t even exist and can’t explain to my lawyer why,” she tweeted earlier today. “So that stings.”

“The only thing they tell my lawyer and I quote ‘nothing against her at all, the views are just in the toilet’ so we find things out on the Internet which is a huge slap in my face,” she added.

One of her followers told her that the issue was probably that awful comment about Kamala Harris, but for some reason she disagreed.

Mackenzie McKee Lashes Out

“They filmed 2 entire seasons after that with me,” she argued. “If that was the case, all they have to do is call me or my manager and explain.”

“I would respect that. Instead it was ‘let’s lie and let her find out from her co-stars’ on the Internet. Who cares about how bad that hurts.”

She said during the original scandal someone mentioned that she’s “not willing to learn,” and even though she doesn’t think that’s true, “I guess I’m trash.”

“I’m fine,” she insisted. “Mtv needed to call me and tell me why they are doing me the way they are like grown adults. But how do you let someone go without a reason?”

Mackenzie McKee in the House

She said that “It’s honestly as simple as calling me and saying ‘you are no longer a part of us, and here is why.’”

“A bird told me it’s because I’m a conservative (they don’t even know my political views and this show is about teen pregnancy not politics) but I just feel like I’m allowed to share my feelings, my pain, and my side without tabloids twisting it.”

“Cancel culture is a sad world,” she concluded. “And no one asked me my side other than Ashley.”

“I don’t think this would hurt as bad as it does had my family not shared some very delicate times of our lives on there.”

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This whole situation is so strange because it’s hard to understand why she seems so confused about this.

She said something racist, she refused to take accountability for that, she tried to drag the only Black mom on her show into her scandal and tried to make her the villain while she made herself the victim.

After that, MTV filmed an entire spin-off series without her, and they’re currently filming another one, also without her.

On top of that, we know that Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 are being combined into one show, and Mackenzie wasn’t asked to be in that show, either.

So … what exactly is there to be confused about?

Especially because we all know that if MTV did sit her down and walk her through everything, she’d have an issue with that, too.

Do you feel bad for Mackenzie?

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