Logitech Lift for Mac vertical ergonomic mouse helps small to medium hands work in comfort

Treat your small- to medium-size hands to comfort when you use the Logitech Lift for Mac vertical ergonomic mouse. Offering a comfortable shape, it works with macOS 10.15 or later as well as iPadOS 14 or later. Connect it via Bluetooth, and it also works with the Logi Bolt USB receiver. Based on the Logitech Lift mouse, this version suits Apple workspaces. With a design that promotes well-being, it aligns your wrist and forearm. That’s thanks to its 57º angle, which keeps your hand in a natural handshake position. In doing so, it removes pressure from your wrist throughout the day, keeping your arm and body in a better posture. Additionally, its softly textured grip provides a comfy spot for your hand to rest. And its easy-to-reach buttons make your work projects super easy for your fingers. Finally, the luxurious thumb rest and super quiet clicks round out this gadget.

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