Logitech G Cloud handheld gaming console boasts a 7-inch Full HD 1080p touchscreen

Game anywhere unlike ever before with the Logitech G Cloud handheld gaming console. With a 7″ 1080p Full HD touchscreen, this gadget is an ideal addition to your cloud-gaming collection. Boasting a 60 Hz refresh rate, it keeps you in control the whole time you play. Plus, the precision controls ensure you get as much navigation as you would on some of the best controllers. Play your favorite games wherever you go by accessing your favorite cloud gaming services. Not only that, but you can also play remotely from a console or computer. You’ll enjoy the remappable controls and its 12+ hour battery life. Moreover, it weighs only 463 grams! Of course, you’ll need a cloud subscription service—such as NVIDIA GeForce Now or Xbox Game Pass—to use it as intended.

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