LIVALL PikaBoost eBike conversion kit installs in 30 seconds and requires zero tools

Enjoy a smooth, easier ride when you have the LIVALL PikaBoost eBike conversion kit. This useful gadget actually installs in only 30 seconds—and you don’t need any tools to do so. Compatible with any bicycle, it offers you intelligent assistance as well as a boost. Moreover, it has a controller, motorized hub, and battery pack that you add to your bike. By doing so, you can turn your old bike into an electric bike. So it can both tackle rough terrain and provide you with a smoother ride. Using an all-in-one design of battery, motor, and controller, it offers a neat and simple installation. Quickly mount it between the seat post and the rear wheel, and you can easily switch PikaBoost between bikes. Great for use on all terrains better, it has an integrated self-locking mechanism that makes sure it won’t loosen due to vibration.

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