Linus Verthman reimagined Swiss modular watch has a tool-free QuickSwitch™ mechanism

Personalize your Linus Verthman modular watch in seconds with no tools required. It’s a truly modular Swiss watch that won’t break the bank. Featuring a patent-pending QuickSwitch™ mechanism, this modular timepiece collection allows you to make changes in just seconds. The modular components include the Base, the Core, and the Strap—all of these parts are fully interchangeable. Strap options include a rubber strap, leather strap, and a Milanese band. With endless colorways and strap varieties to choose and combine with, all you have to do is insert the core with the base, click on your desired strap, and go. It requires no tools whatsoever, so you can effortlessly switch whenever you desire. Finally, fit for your wrist, this Swiss watch brand was 4 years in the making.

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