LG TONE Free T90Q Dolby Atmos wireless earbuds enhance listening with Dolby Head Tracking

Experience Dolby Head Tracking with the LG TONE Free T90Q Dolby Atmos wireless earbuds. These earbuds enable you to enjoy sound as you move. In fact, they let you always be in the center of the scene. With an integrated audio virtualizer by LG, these wireless earbuds easily add clarity to anything you listen to. It’s so real that you might feel that all of that audio is actually happening in your head. Additionally, the Graphene speaker driver is made of a strong, lightweight material. It gives you better audio clarity and reduced vibration. There’s also a 4-mic system that recognizes what type of conversation you’re having and adjusts the microphone. It gives you the best active noise cancelation level based on your environment, offering you your best audio experience on the go. 

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