Lepulse Lescale F4 Household Smart Body Fat Scale provides 15 health measurements

Stay apprised of your overall health with the Lepulse Lescale F4 Household Smart Body Fat Scale. Showing more than your body weight, it actually provides you with 15 different measurements. Using bioimpedance analysis, it lets you know your BMI, heart rate, muscle mass, and more. Designed with 4 high-precision G-sensors, it gives you accurate measurements with division down to 0.2 pounds. Plus, the extra-large display makes it easy to see 8 essential body composition measurements at a glance. You can track trends and even create up to 24 profiles for your family. Additionally, Athlete mode is ideal for people who regularly exercise more than 3 times a week, helping them achieve better performance. Then, Baby mode follows the growth of little ones. Providing you with a comprehensive understanding of your body, it helps you reach your health goals.

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