Lenovo Yoga 7 14″ convertible laptop features Dolby Vision for true-to-life color

Conveniently hold the Lenovo Yoga 7 14″ convertible laptop thanks to its comfort-edge design. Constructed with powerful AMD Ryzen 6000 Series processors, this powerhouse boasts an up-to 2.8K OLED touch screen 16:10 display. Meanwhile, it features Dolby Vision for true-to-life color, rich details, and low blue light filters. The Lenovo Yoga 7 also comes equipped with Dolby Atmos and 4 speakers for spatial audio. Moreover, this convertible laptop prides itself on versatility. In fact, it lasts for long periods of time without you having to search for the power outlet last minute. Best of all, with Rapid Charge Express technology, it stays powered for longer. All the while, use this laptop to suit you, as it sports 4 usage modes to streamline productivity. Finally, it uses ANC technology during video calls for superior quality during videoconferences.

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