Leitz Phone 2 signature Leica smartphone has a 1-inch image sensor with 47.2 MP resolution

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Take your best smartphone photos yet when you have the Leitz Phone 2 signature Leica smartphone in your pocket. Bringing signature Leica photography to a smartphone, this device is the second iteration of the Leitz Phone. Boasting a 1-inch image sensor and a 47.2 MP resolution, it delivers the outstanding optical performance you expect from Leica. Delivering the Leica look on a phone, this gadget suits photo enthusiasts as well as novices who want to become pros. Developed by Leica, it provides incredible quality, great optics, an iconic aluminum design, and unparalleled photo functions. The 1″ CMOS image sensor, along with the Qualcomm Snapdragon SM8450 processor, activates different modes depending on the scene and environment. Moreover, it has a focal length of 19 mm and an aperture of 1.9. Not only that, but it also has 6x digital zoom and 8x continuously adjustable digital zoom of the selfie camera.

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