LEGO Ideas The Starry Night brings swirling clouds and rolling hills to life in a 3D form

Capture stunning details with a unique building experience with the LEGO Ideas The Starry Night. It offers a 3D recreation to bring the swirling clouds and rolling hills to life, making it a unique design. Moreover, this building set is a LEGO original and interprets Van Gogh’s unique brushstrokes in bricks. In fact, once built, you can keep it on display on your wall because it’s also a work of art. All the while, the 3D illusion adds a mesmerizing effect. Furthermore, it includes a Van Gogh minifigure, a paintbrush, a palette and an easel. In particular, the adjustable arm holds the Vincent van Gogh minifigure. Finally, this set, which is suitable for 18+, includes 2,316 pieces for hours of fun.

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