LEGO ICONS Atari 2600 building set allows you to reveal 3 Atari games you know and love

Go back in time to the 1980s when you enjoy the LEGO ICONS Atari 2600 building set. It recreates the replica console, game cartridges, and joystick in a unique way. It depicts themes from 3 popular Atari games through 3 mini-builds. Additionally, if you want to enjoy the nostalgia even more, you’ll love the 1980s scene that comes with it. This set rediscovers 3 of the most popular Atari games: Asteroids, Adventure, and Centipede. There are separate cartridges available for each game as well as 3 scenes to highlight the story of each game. Together with the LEGO design and the retro theme, this Atari building set is a nostalgic gift you can get for anyone who loves the classics.

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