LEGO Eiffel Tower building block set captivate fans of travel, history & architecture

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Take your LEGO experience even further with the LEGO Eiffel Tower building block set. Coming with 10,001 pieces and standing 5 feet tall, this LEGO set for adults is a flagship model in the LEGO Travel & History series. In fact, this collectible model comes in 4 sections. Additionally, the design will help you get a unique insight into Gustave Eiffel’s engineering brilliance. This 360° model closely follows the real Eiffel tower’s decor with arches. There are ground details that show you Parisian lampposts, benches, trees and shrubs. There are also carry handles so you can move and display your build. It’s a perfect gift for travel explorers and for someone who love to collect iconic elements from their travel experiences. Coming with LEGO’s robust design, this building block set is definitely a must have for your home.


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