Lectric XP Lite compact eBike is more maneuverable and lightweight and has a 40-mile range

Take your ride to the next level with the Lectric XP Lite compact eBike. Weighing only 46 lbs, you can go farther and fold it away with ease. Featuring a powerful 300-watt motor, it has a range of 40+ miles on a single charge. This powerful motor also achieves the perfect balance between torque and speed. Additionally, it boasts a twist grip throttle that lets you control your speed with ease. In fact, this throttle delivers pure power on demand. You can even go uphill without breaking a sweat thanks to the 5 pedal assist levels. The Lectric XP Lite compact eBike also has an integrated LED headlight that keeps you safe while riding at night. Finally, designed for riders of all ages and experience levels, it’s great for commuting or just taking an evening spin through your neighborhood.

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