LAVA ME 3 smart guitar helps you to play, connects to music streaming services, and more

Play your music in a whole new way with the Lava Music LAVA ME 3 smart guitar. This guitar features a 3.5″ touch screen that sits right on the fretboard. With this, you can create music, play games, and watch music tutorials. In fact, it offers a tuner, metronome, and recorder in 1 place. The LAVA ME 3 also comes with an immersive speaker system that delivers industry-leading audio quality. In fact, it has a built-in subwoofer and 2 full-range speakers that produce deep bass tones and crystal-clear highs. Furthermore, this smart guitar lets you connect to your favorite apps like Spotify or YouTube for endless entertainment options. It even connects to the internet, so you can explore new songs from around the world. Plus, it offers real-time feedback to inspire you to take on new challenges and improve.

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