Kyle Richards to Sutton Stracke: You Had Miscarriages? I Call BS!

Right now is not a good time for Sutton Stracke, and it’s largely her own doing.

That said … her existing feuds may be taking a back seat.

Kylie Richards implied that Sutton fabricated a heartbreaking story about miscarriages out of thin air.

That is an extremely serious accusation. There’s no good outcome for this dispute.

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At the end of last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kyle Richards was trying to play mediator.

“I’m so sorry that you lost your baby,” Sutton told Diana Jenkins.

“I’m just trying to reach out to you,” she explained, “because I understand this in a way.”

“I’ve lost two babies,” Sutton revealed, referring to past miscarriages.

“You’ve lost two babies? I’ve never heard this before,” Kyle said.

“I’ve had two miscarriages,” Sutton then clarified.

She explained why she had kept this private, in case it needed explaining.

Sutton asserted: “It’s a very personal thing.”

Now, Sutton had just shared a very vulnerable and traumatic fact about herself.

Kyle Richards is Visibly Shocked
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards expresses palpable shock at what she is hearing.

Kyle, unfortunately, was relentless.

“I love you, but this feels like bulls–t,” Kyle insisted.

Wait, what?!

“You’re going to say you lost two babies?” Kyle challenged Sutton.

“Out of the blue, you say that,” she said.

Kyle then exclaimed: “We don’t know that!”

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Sutton was visibly taken aback in the clip.

She explained to Kyle that she is simply trying to “reach” Diana on a “human level.”

It is possible for people to relate to each other despite past differences. For example, people can bond over shared experiences.

Diana was clearly not interested, however.

She straight-up called Sutton “soulless,” which had to hurt.

Sutton snapped back that Diana is a “motherf–ker.” Zoinks.

Kyle still made it clear that she is Team Diana, which drove Sutton up the wall.

“When it comes to miscarriages, it’s really mean,” Sutton told Kyle.

She continued: “You’re saying that you didn’t know that I had miscarriages?”

Kyle Richards fumes at dinner

“Why would we know?” Kyle asked.

That, at least, is a fair question. The only way for them to have known would have been for Sutton to have told them.

Kyle very quickly becomes unfair.

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“Listen, she lost a baby. You did not,” Kyle claimed.

She continued: “[Or] maybe years ago, I don’t know.”

Kyle added: “This was recent.”

Kyle Richards Gets Serious at the Season 10 Reunion
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards dials up her aggression at the Season 10 Reunion special.

Kyle is very clearly implying that Sutton fabricated two miscarriages … which is a very serious accusation.

Sutton told the confessional camera that this is “breaking my heart.”

“And,” she continued, “disappointing me in our friendship.”

In the moment, however, Sutton was more succinct.

“That’s the meanest thing you’ve ever said to me in my entire life,” she told Kyle.

Now, that is a very fair response.

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That said … we cannot help but think of earlier this season.

After Dorit Kemsley’s experience with home-invaders, Sutton very clearly did not seem to believe that it had happened.

We’re not saying that it’s right for Kyle to doubt Sutton now … but there is a parallel at work. We hope that Sutton learns from it.

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