Kosmu silk-infused bathrobe has a comfort-chasing design for both inside and out

Wear the Kosmu silk-infused bathrobe inside or outside, anytime you want. With a comfort-chasing design, this silk-infused robe blends with extra fine cotton for true luxury. This optimized material combination of cotton and silk has an incredibly plush feel and boasts super absorbency. It even has nearly 10,000 deep-woven waffles for a spa-like feel and great breathability. Moreover, made by the Towel Museum of Japan, Kosmu comes from a place with a proven history of craftsmanship. Furthermore, it has a thoughtful design that incorporates a number of useful and intuitive features. These include a body-contouring design, snap buttons, extra long sleeves, a wide belt, deep functional pockets, and a double-duty hoodie. Finally, it comes in 3 sizes to comfortably fit every body type and is great for everything from post-shower to post-swim.

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