KontrolFreek CQC gaming thumbsticks for PS and Xbox series provide comfort and control

Receive enhanced control when gaming with the KontrolFreek CQC gaming thumbsticks for PS and Xbox series. They also provide increased accuracy, allowing you to zero in on your target. Moreover, these gaming thumbsticks—which are compatible with PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One—feature a concave design. This surface with a rubber compound provides excellent control for extended gameplay. Furthermore, the KontrolFreek CQC adds 6.1 mm height to provide you with all the precision, stability, and control you need. This also offers a seamless feel that’s comfortable to offer less adjustment time. Finally, it’s perfect for young gamers or those with hands on the small size. Overall, this accessory allows you to beat the competition and make long gaming sessions more enjoyable.

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