Klay Thompson on Warriors possibly breaking up: ‘You never know what happens’

The Golden State Warriors made easy work of the Los Angeles Lakers in their season opener on Tuesday night.

Repeating in the NBA is never easy, and the Warriors have a lot of work ahead of them this year.

Beyond that, contract woes and internal strife are a threat to every squad – Golden State included. The Warriors’ dynasty is an impressive one, but all dynasties inevitably come to an end.

This week, Klay Thompson addressed something of a dicey topic: his squad’s eventual breakup.

“You never know what happens,” Thompson told Mark Medina of NBA.com. “Whether it is or it isn’t, we have to think about what we can do to repeat because that itself is such a hard task and such a great opportunity.

“To have a chance to get five [titles] with Draymond [Green], [Stephen Curry] and Andre [Iguodala] is a crazy, crazy thing to contextualize. I’m so freaking excited to get this season going.”

The Warriors have obviously been the center of some controversy this year. Between Thompson’s contract situation, and Green’s contract situation, and the clear divide between Jordan Poole and the team’s veterans – it has been one thing after another.

But at the end of the day, none of that matters if the Warriors come together to win another chip. And that seems to be Thompson’s larger point here.

If Golden State repeats, all the doubters and naysayers immediately go away. All problems vanish – immediately.

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