Kineon The MOVE+ red light therapy device will enhance movement and relieve joint pain

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Enhance movement and relieve joint pain with the Kineon The MOVE+ red light therapy device. In fact, with its advanced technology, MOVE+ offers targeted relief to your joints. It also helps to reduce inflammation and ease pain. Most importantly, the portable design makes it perfect for using on the go. In a single 5-minute session, MOVE+ activates increased blood flow, reducing inflammation and pain. From knee to elbow, this red light therapy device can easily help you pain across your joints. In fact, the 3 MOVE+ modules deliver medical-grade light therapy throughout your entire joint, reducing pain and improving movement. The device goes through 4 stages of work—these include recover, repair, restore, and repeat. The MOVE+ can be used on any part of the body, and the company is currently designing more strap placements to target those hard-to-reach places.

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