Kim Kardashian Accused of Destroying Marilyn Monroe’s Iconic Dress!

The Met Gala is an annual opportunity for celebrities to try and outdo one another with their boldest fashion statements.

But at this year’s shindig, Kim Kardashian stole the spotlight with a surprisingly understated look.

At first glance, Kim and boyfriend Pete Davidson seemed to be rocking an uncharacteristically conservative look.

But that wasn’t just any sparkly retro dress that Kimberly was rocking.

Kim Kardashian Goes Full Norma Jean

No, it was the dress that Marilyn Monroe was wearing when she famously sang happy birthday to JFK.

While Kim’s sartorial stunt was mostly well-received, it also generated a good deal of controversy.

There were some who thought that Kim set a bad example by crash-dieting in order to fit into the dress.

Kim Kardashian... Blonde!

There were others who felt that since Marilyn wore the dress at one of her last public appearances before her untimely death, it wasn’t appropriate for Kim to rock the garment for a fun night out.

Still others were concerned about the dress itself.

Even though it was being held at the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum in Orlando, the dress is considered by many to be an important piece of fashion history.

Which means lots of people are losing their minds over the allegation that it underwent minor damage on Met Gala night.

The photo above was posted by the Instagram account called Marilyn Monroe Collection.

“A comparison of before and after photos with crystals perfectly aligned. And yes, it’s the same dress in before and after photos,” the post was captioned.

Kim Kardashian at the 2022 Met Gala

Obviously, the intention here was to create outrage.

And because we live in the angriest time in human history, that mission was easily accomplished.

“Not sure why she felt the need to try & squeeze her fat ass into this dress,” one commenter wrote.

Kim Kardashian with a Kiss

“She could have had one made to fit her fat ass instead of ruining this one.

“It should never have been loaned out or worn by anyone,” another added.

“It’s a piece of history. Now it’s value has been diminished and it’s iconic status tarnished.”

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A third wrote simply, “This should have never happened.”

Others were more reasonable about the situation and pointed out that if anyone is to blame, it’s the folks at the Ripley’s museum.

“The only one responsible is the museum. And it’s just a f-cking dress. Take a chill,” one commenter wrote.

Kim Kardashian Describes a Bitter Discovery

Now, Kim is one of the most media-savvy people on the planet, so she probably knew that her decision to wear the dress would be a controversial one.

But she took the leap as respectfully as possible, working closely with the Ripley people to ensure that any damage to the dress would be minimal.

Kim dropped 16 pounds in order to better fit into the dress, and she agreed to only wear it on the red carpet.

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian in D.C.

She changed into a different dress as soon as she entered the venue, in order to ensure that the seams wouldn’t be subjected to the stress of sitting and standing.

But still, people are pissed that a few crystals are out of place.

You can’t please everyone — and fortunately, Kim probably learned that lesson a long time ago.

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