KHONI high-quality modular backpack offers adaptability with its 9 starting modules

Do it all with 1 bag: the KHONI high-quality modular backpack. In fact, its design incorporates 9 modules that you can use to adapt it to your specific needs and lifestyle. Using a hook-and-loop system, the modules attach and adjust with ease. Manufactured in Europe, it consists of water-resistant material and zippers from Germany and is designed in Switzerland. Promoting slow fashion, it has a long-lasting construction for durability. Moreover, its lightweight design makes it comfortable to take on any adventure. Additionally, its padded and breathable back and straps avoid you getting too sweaty on the go. Furthermore, for everything from photoshoots to city jaunts to business meetings, KHONI fits everything you need to take with you in a day. Not only that, but it also keeps all your gear nice and organized. Finally, its 25-liter capacity holds up to a 16″ laptop and even your camera with safety.

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