Kaizen RFID-safe slim wallet fits up to 10 cards and has a zipless coin compartment

The Kaizen RFID-safe slim wallet makes commuting a breeze with functional right-side RFID protection. Moreover, it fits up to 10 cards, meaning it can hold all your essential ones. Plus, the zipless coin compartment ensures that you can carry change when necessary. In fact, its tuck-in-and-out flap mechanism reduces the thickness that a conventional zipper brings. Crafted with a designated SD card, SIM card, and SIM ejector pin slot, it keeps those tiny items secure on the go. Furthermore, you also get an aluminum travel pen for when you need to jot down notes. Designed with premium Crazy Horse Leather, it measures 6.69″ x 3.94″ when fully open. Moreover, it comes in Graphite Black, Wine, Vintage Brown, and Steel Blue. Its wear-proof cut corners look great after years of use, and the cut-away design improves structural rigidity.

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