Just Stop Oil vows more disruption saying ‘we’re not stopping’

Just Stop Oil has sparked nationwide outrage over the last few days following a selection of high-profile protests. Public backlash from a stunt that saw activists pour canned soup on a Van Gogh painting has endured after others climbed the Queen Elizabeth II bridge in Dartford, forcing authorities to close the throughway to traffic. Speaking to Express.co.uk today after another day of action, the organisation refused to back down, and other eco groups are preparing to follow suit.

Just Stop Oil’s campaign will continue for the remainder of the month, with events planned until October 30.

A spokeswoman told Express Online that the organisation then plans to hold a “large march” in November.

She pledged Just Stop Oil is “not stopping”, adding the disruption “will continue”.

And what happens for the rest of the month is an “open question”.

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The organisation explained that it is prepared to escalate while remaining “resolutely non-violent” if the Government does not follow its demands.

The spokeswoman added: “We consider ourselves a civil resistance to a harmful Government.

“We will continue as long as our Government continues to be harmful and criminal.

“If that requires us to escalate, we will escalate.”


While it occupies less space in media headlines, Extinction Rebellion has significant plans for 2023.

The organisation aims to bring an organisation that is “too big to ignore” next year.

The next big Extinction Rebellion event on April 21 will work to bring 100,000 people to the streets of London and refuse to leave.

Activists hope to force the Government into more action on the climate next spring, hoping to achieve more than in 2019 when 10,000 people persuaded Parliament to declare a climate emergency.

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