Joy-Anna Duggar: Secretly Pregnant With Third Child?!

For months now, Duggar fans and critics have been dissecting every social media post that’s in any way associated with Joy-Anna Duggar.

There reason for doing so is simple:

Thousands of Duggar-watchers are convinced that Joy-Anna is secretly pregnant.

Now, there was a time — not all that long ago — when the idea of a secret Duggar pregnancy would have been absurd.

Joy-Anna, Gideon

After all, these people used to love updating fans on the latest womb news!

But these days, the whole family is keeping a much lower profile.

Josh Duggar’s arrest on child pornography charges changed everything, and the ensuing trial destroyed whatever was left of the family’s reputation.

We learned that Josh has spent his entire life surrounded by enablers who refuse to believe the truth about him and who make constant excuses for his abhorrent behavior.

Joy-Anna Duggar in Pants

Joy was one of Josh’s victims, but she’s joined the rest of her family in steering clear of social media in the wake of his shocking trial and conviction.

So while Joy eagerly updated fans while she was pregnant with her first two kids, it’s not so crazy to think that she might be keeping a third pregnancy under wraps.

And some folks think the evidence is right under our noses.

Fans suspect that the 24-year-old has been trying to conceal her baby bump, but has failed in several photos, including the one above.


“I’m just going to go ahead and say she’s pregnant. The way she’s holding her belly combined with how she looks in Jed’s RV misadventure,” one commenter recently wrote on Reddit

“Joy is a really active, somewhat athletic type woman and we’ve seen her not have this leftover baby bump everyone is suddenly claiming she has.”

(The “RV misadventure” line is a reference to a recent YouTube uploaded by Jed Duggar in which his six-week-old baby is seated beneath a hot grill. Here’s hoping Joy isn’t taking parenting tips from her brother!)

“We all know that some women don’t lose the baby weight, but by all appearances, Joy isn’t one of them,” this person continued. “Check her photos over the past year or so, out with Carlin and various events.

“I’m convinced she’s pregnant again.” a second added.

Driving with Austin

“Totally looks pregnant to me,” a third chimed in.

Others took the speculation a step further, insisting that Joy-Anna is no longer pregnant, and has secretly welcomed a third child.

“She was in Jed’s gender reveal with a visible bump and a post was deleted that revealed she had a baby to protect Siah and Lauren’s desire for privacy,” one such conspirator opined.

Joy-Anna Duggar header zoom 15 April 2022

Reddit users also pointed to photos like the one above, which was snapped by Joy’s close friend (and fellow former reality star) Carlin Bates.



“Joy visited Carlin this weekend, and Carlin shared only a few photos of her, from awfully careful angles…” one person wrote.

“And y’all know Carlin usually posts the s**t out of everything. Hiding the bump?”

Joy-Anna Duggar: I Lost My Baby Weight!

Obviously, the evidence is not exactly iron clad.

But we wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Joy dropped an unexpected pregnancy announcement sometime between now and the end of the year.

After all, procreation is the Duggars’ top priority, and you can’t expect them to close down the family business just because of a dozen pesky scandals or so.

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