Josh Duggar in Jail: Will He Get Brunch? Will He Get Laid?

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Josh Duggar has officially started to serve his time.

Earlier this week, as reported right here on The Hollywood Gossip, the convicted pedophile was transferred to a federal prison.

Ever since December conviction, Duggar had been housed in a detention center in Arkansas.

He was then sentenced on May 25 to over 12 years behind federal bars — and we can now confirm he’s been taken to FCI Seagoville in Dallas, Texas.

Josh Duggar and a Child

What do we know about the facility and what the next decade-plus of Duggar’s life will be there?


On August 8, 2020, CNN reported that 1,300 of the 1,750 prisoners (an incredible 75% of the inmates) had tested positive for COVID-19.

At least three of these individuals died as a result.

“It came through here so fast that it’s out of control,” said inmate Bobby Williams around that time. “We’re packed like sardines.”


The prison bans sexual escapades between its inmates and their significant others.

Josh is limited to just four hours of visits a month (although more can be requested) and, according to the Bureau of Federal Prisons website, only “handshakes, hugs, and kisses (in good taste)” are permitted at the beginning and end of a visit.

Despite Anna Duggar continually sticking by her gross husband, the facility is not among those that permits couples to spend special alone time together on occasion.

Josh Duggar smirk

SEAGOVILLE HAS A SEX OFFENDER MANAGEMENT PROGRAM (SOMP) and in 2018 it was estimated that around 40% of the inmates there were sex offenders.


We can’t say for certain, but Duggar has been assigned to a room, which was selectedd based on bed space availability.

Each room features storage space, beds, a folding chair and laundry bag.

The inmates are also given sheets, a pillow, towels and a blanket.

The inmate housing is also entirely communal, based on an August 2022 Forbes report.

This means there are no self-contained rooms and all activities — including dining, education, laundry and library privileges — are conducted “en masse.”

Josh Duggar Close Up


The inmates are expected to wear “clean, wrinkle-free institution issued clothing” during weekdays.

The prison has detailed rules regarding inmate attire… requiring shirts to be buttoned and tucked in at all times, as well as shoes to be laced and pants to be worn over the outside of them.

The prison also has a policy against excessively loose or tight-fitting clothing. (Jim Bob Duggar must be a fan of this requirement.)

Josh Duggar and His Poor Wife

The morning after his arrival, Duggar was handed five shirts, five sets of underwear, a pair of shoes, five pairs of pants, a belt and five pairs of socks.

He must tag his clothing with his name and inmate register number.


Duggar’s prison schedule includes three meals a day… plus a coffee hour and brunch on weekends.

Breakfast is served from 6:30 a.m. until 7:15 a.m. and dinner starts at 4:00 p.m. daily.

Even with good behavior, Josh must serve at least 10.5 years of his sentence.

Upon his eventual release, he won’t be permitted to access the Internet for non-work purposes, must submit to random polygraph tests and must pay $50,000 in fines.

He won’t be able to spend ANY unsupervised time with children, either, including his own.


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