Jooki kids’ music and story player purposely doesn’t have a screen & inspires little ones

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Allow your child to listen to stories and music for up to 8 hours nonstop with the Jooki kids’ music and stories player. Excluding a screen, it prevents your little ones from straining their eyes while providing ample fun. Jooki directly streams Spotify playlists: select the Spotify playlists to inspire your little ones and associate them with Jooki figurines on the Jooki app. Next, your child just places a figurine on Jooki to start a playlist—or lift it to pause, stop, or change. It’s that simple! Jooki connects to wireless headsets and offers a 5 GB internal memory. Furthermore, the Jooki Giftbox includes 2 pre-programmed tokens with songs. Alternatively, the Jooki Star Bundle includes 5 figurines and 6 colorful tokens to access more content from Spotify or MP3 files

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