JOBY Wavo POD large-diaphragm USB microphone simplifies workflows with crisp voices

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Enjoy all voices crisp and clear while using the JOBY Wavo POD USB large-diaphragm microphone. It will simplify creator workflow and be that ultimate microphone that can give you a perfect broadcast voice for your show. Additionally, this microphone works instantly with laptops via an industry standard USB-C connection. You can also select the polar pattern (Omnidirectional or Cardioid) easily. This actually makes the microphone ready to switch in seconds from an interview to a solo episode. In fact, the microphone also comes with a colorful pop filter that blocks plosives from your voice and guarantees crystal-clear broadcast sound. There’s even a 3.5-mm/1.37” latency-free headphone monitoring port. Check your voice level live and adjust it in real time, to always stay in control.

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