Jinger Duggar Social and Emotional Development Stunted Due to Cult Upbringing, Fans Observe

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These days, Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo are living cozy lives in Los Angeles, arranging “paparazzi” pics to boost their image and brand.

Years ago, before they were married parents getting chastised for wearing normal clothes, they were in a courtship.

Those who have followed the Duggars for a long time have been reliving some of the family’s past moments, often viewing old scenes through a new lens.

Recently, fans noticed something a little alarming — and a lot sad — about Jinger. 

Jinger Duggar takes selfie on Counting On

We all know that the Duggar family raises its daughters in a certain way.

Their toxic cult grooms daughters to fulfill the role of wife and mother and nothing else.

A huge part of keeping their children from making their own choices is preventing them from dating or having normal social experiences.

Jinger Duggar Gazes Out the Window

Why is this relevant?

Namely, because the moment from Counting On would never have happened if Jinger had been allowed to grow and develop as her own person.

Denied her basic human rights by her family’s extreme views, her antics during her courtship with Jeremy were … more than a little odd.

Jinger Duggar Is Thin

In a scene revisted by redditors, Jinger was out in the woods with her family.

She was dwelling on her courtship (some have called it a “romance,” but it really hadn’t earned that label yet) with Jeremy Vuolo.

Not yet married, never permitted to date, she snapped a simple chaste selfie to send his way.

Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Duggar on Their Gram

Jinger explained that she was “taking pictures and videos” to send to Jeremy.

Right now, she and Jeremy are parents to three-year-old Felicity and one-year-old Evangeline.

But in the clip — recorded when Jinger was already a grown woman, ableit not a married mother of two — Jinger seemed childish and immature in ways that were not her fault.

Jinger on TLC

Commenters on Reddit could not help but notice how Jinger’s attitudes seemed more like those of “a middle schooler” who was nursing a “huge crush.”

“It makes me so sad seeing her like this,” one expressed.

This second commenter detailed: “It comes off immature to an extent.”

Jinger Duggar on Easter

“With her age at that moment,” the commenter went on, “this seems like how a girl who was in middle school crushing on someone.”

“Not in her early 20s courting a douchebag,” the redditor explained.

The comment concluded: “God, her parents f–ked her up.” True.

Jinger, Jeremy Get Hitched

“She is behaving like a middle schooler with a crush,” another characterized.

This is “because that is the stage her parents let her get to.”

This third commenter lamented: “It’s so screwed up.”

Jinger Duggar Laughs on Sunday

“Jinger was annoying in that episode,” wrote another.

“She talked nonstop about how much she missed Jeremy,” they complained.

Another chimed in: “Jinger sings to the pillow wearing Jeremy’s Major League Soccer jersey, ‘whispers hello, I’ve missed you quite terribly.'”

Jinger and Jeremy at Their Wedding

Most of us understand the Duggar family, church, and cult much better than we did when Counting On was first airing.

Similarly, most of us have had more time to observe and understand how this toxic upbringing has impacted the Duggar children for life.

Deprived a real education, socialization, or a chance for authentic psychological and emotional development, they are easier to control.

Jinger Duggar Is Skinny

It also means that they don’t get to learn how to fumble through relationships. They cannot develop emotionally or sexually at their own pace.

Awkward moments, like Jinger acting more like a tween with a crush than a grown woman messaging her future husband, are a natural consequence.

This awkwardness is also part of the plan. People who cannot engage or relate to outsiders will only feel comfortable talking to fellow cult members.


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