JELLYFISH adorable pushpins are not only squeezable and beautiful but also practical

Enhance your workspace or creative office with the JELLYFISH adorable pushpins. Designed in the shape of jellyfish, they have a squeezable and soft construction. This makes them so fun to play with, quickly triggering a delightful ASMR experience. Not only that, but these beautiful pushpins are also practical. Slightly larger than standard pushpins, they are easier to handle. And their balanced shape lets them stand upright so they don’t roll off your desk. The copper nail has a durable and recyclable design, and the transparent color completes the playful look. Coming in a compact box with 8 pushpins, they offer you enough to keep your pictures, papers, and notes out of the way. You’ll wonder how your office ever survived without these adorable Italian-designed jellyfish!

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