Improve the shelf life of your food, remove odors, and more with the Shelfy smart fridge gadget

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Tired of throwing out fresh produce after just a week? Lengthen your food’s shelf life and postpone wilting, rotting, and softening with this smart fridge device.

Reduce food waste and save money on grocery bills with the Shelfy smart fridge gadget. Small and compact, it uses photocatalytic technology to fight odors and bacteria and make food last longer in the fridge.

Do you spend a portion of every Monday night tossing wilted vegetables and rotting fruits from the week before? It’s a sad fact, but the average household wastes 31% of its food, contributing to elevated CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions.

It might seem like there’s no way to stop those cherry tomatoes from shriveling in your fridge a mere 5 days after you bought them. But what if there was? The Shelfy smart fridge gadget aims to solve this issue by extending food life and keeping your fridge free of odors and bacteria. Let’s check it out.

Why tackle home food waste?

According to the company’s Kickstarter page, food waste is one of the most under-addressed yet significant environmental issues. Think about it. How often do you really use all of the zucchinis you got from a friend’s vegetable patch?

And what about those bags of salad greens that liquefy before you open them? These fridge hangups come up pretty frequently for most people. In fact, the creators of Shelfy say that the average family spends about $2,000 a year on food that just ends up in the trash.

Once food waste winds up in a landfill, it releases harmful greenhouse gases like methane into the atmosphere. It’s estimated that 8–10% of total greenhouse gas emissions are caused by food waste.

That’s quite a lot of greenhouse gas created by uneaten food. So it makes sense to tackle it at home with a product like this smart fridge gadget.

Shelfy in a YouTube video

How can Shelfy prevent food waste?

Think of Shelfy as a smart purifier for your fridge. Small and compact, it removes foul odors and bacteria and lengthens your food’s shelf life thanks to its photocatalytic technology.

It’s a great solution for food waste because it helps your food last longer. Even better, it can save you thousands of dollars each year.

Shelfy under running water

How do you use this smart fridge purifier?

The great thing about this smart kitchen gadget—besides reducing food waste, saving you money, and freshening your fridge—it’s easy to use.

You’ve got a lot going on each day. And the last thing you probably want is one more device to learn how to operate. That’s not an issue with Shelfy.

Just select your favorite mode depending on how full your refrigerator is, and place Shelfy anywhere in your fridge, shelf, drawer, or door. Then, let its photocatalytic technology do the work.

What is photocatalytic technology?

Shelfy’s Kickstarter page writes that photocatalysis is a harmless chemical reaction that absorbs air pollutants and transforms them into safe elements.

This smart fridge gadget uses nanomaterial-based photocatalytic technology. To work, Shelfy receives refrigerator air through mechanical ventilation. The air gets sent through the photocatalytic filter, destroying any pollutants.

How does this smart fridge device reduce odors?

Does your fridge smell a little funky? It might have bacteria. This is another problem Shelfy can solve. According to the company, Shelfy can reduce fridge odors by 80%. It’s a considerable percentage and virtually eliminates any smell.

The company also says that lab tests show bacterial and fungal contamination were 10 times lower in a fridge with Shelfy compared to products in a normal fridge.

What smart features does Shelfy have?

Plus, Shelfy seamlessly fits into your life with its smart features. The Vitesy Hub app lets you change the mode to Eco, Standard, or Boost with just a simple tap.

You can also connect Shelfy to Google Home and Amazon Alexa via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Can Shelfy reduce your energy consumption?

Opening and closing the refrigerator door leads to significant energy loss. Every time you open the fridge door, the appliance must work harder to restore the cool temperature, consuming more energy.

With its integrated sensor, this smart fridge device can help you monitor how many times you open the fridge door each day. It also sends tips on minimizing energy use, keeping food fresh, and saving money.

How do you charge this smart fridge device?

Shelfy has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 30 days per charge. That way, you won’t have to replace disposable batteries all the time. Then, it charges in about 2 hours via a USB-C cable.

Is Shelfy easy to clean?

You bet it is. Made of recycled plastic and no glue, the filter case opens quickly and easily. Next, wash the ceramic, nanomaterial-treated filter under running water.

That’s it. The filter is designed to last a long time, so you don’t have to worry about replacing it.

What’s our verdict on Shelfy?

There’s no doubt about it; home food waste is a problem. Shelfy helps you deal with it and save money by extending your food’s fridge lifespan.

Who wouldn’t like their strawberries to last 10 days in the fridge instead of just 3 or their tomatoes to still be edible 22 days after purchase? It’s possible thanks to this smart fridge device.

Preorder Shelfy for $86.85 on Kickstarter. What sustainable products do you use? Tell us!

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