How to win in the world of programs

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How to win in the world of programs

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Winning in the world of programs is all about drafting the right players on your team prior to getting on the field. Successful touchdowns with program business never happen by accident and require a coach that has an eye for the end zone and a strategic offensive plan to avoid false starts. Since 1999, we have coached our agency relationships from the line of scrimmage to ensure each pass is delivered successfully.

“The art of winning in the program world requires identifying the appropriate special team members needed on the field at any given time,” said Jennifer Guidry (pictured), divisional vice president of business development and marketing for Great American Alternative Markets. “Program success is heavily tied to the positioning and ability of both the carrier and agency in any given program. You can have the best program quarterback or agency lead on the field but if they are not able to foresee a blitz, they could easily fumble the program. Likewise, a great carrier should have the ability to protect and direct the agency lead so they don’t get sacked during the due diligence process. If we, the carrier, are consistently coaching and communicating the appropriate plays and the agency has the ability to call an audible and/or scramble the ball when needed, we have the versatility needed to win in the program space.”

Understanding the ever-changing dynamics that occur with each down and having the ability to huddle often to get ahead of a potential play if a turnover occurs is vitally important to program success.

“Our communicative and strategic approach to program business gives Great American Alternative Markets Division the ability to coach our programs through to the end zone,” Guidry noted. “A muff can easily happen when we get out of sync or ahead of agency relationships and their respective program needs. We check in often during our program due diligence, onboarding and maintenance process to ensure our product, service and overall program offerings are flexible enough to meet the needs of those programs involved. The last thing we want is to put our agency relationships in a position where they don’t have a strong O-line. Winning in the program world really is about aligning the right Jimmys and Joes. We want to always ensure the formation on the field is one that gives our agency relationships the pocket they need to score in the next down and deliver the best possible program solution to their clients.”

If you wish to learn more about how we can help you get a touchdown with your program, reach out to Great American Alternative Markets today.


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