How to Trim Videos in VLC Media Player

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Using a built-in VLC Media Player feature, you can trim your videos and keep the parts you’re interested in. We’ll show you how to go about cutting your videos with this app.

To cut a video, you basically record the part of the video that you wish to keep. VLC then saves this part as an independent video file in the default recording director. We’ll also show you how to find and change this directory if you want.

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Cut a Video in VLC Media Player

To start video trimming, first, launch your video with the free VLC Media Player app.

In VLC, enable the advanced controls so you can record your video. To do that, from the app’s menu bar, choose View > Advanced Controls. If this option is already enabled, you don’t have to do anything.

Select View > Advanced Controls.

In VLC’s bottom-left corner, you’ll see advanced controls.

Now start playing your video and bring it to the part that you wish to keep. When you’re there, from VLC’s advanced controls, select the red record button.

Select the red record button.

VLC is now recording your video. Keep it playing until the part you wish to keep comes to an end. When that happens, stop the recording by clicking the same red record button.

VLC has trimmed your video and the resulting version is available in the default recording directory (see the below section to find where it’s located).

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Find and Change the Default VLC Recording Directory

To access or change the default folder where VLC saves your recordings, follow these steps.

Launch VLC, and from the menu bar, choose Tools > Preferences.

Select Tools > Preferences.

On the “Simple Preferences” window, access the “Input/Codecs” tab.

In the “Input/Codecs” tab, next to “Record Directory or Filename,” you’ll see the path to VLC’s default recording directory. You can access this folder in a File Explorer window.

VLC's default recording path.

To use another folder for your VLC recordings, then next to “Record Directory or Filename,” click “Browse.” Choose your new folder and click “Select Folder.”

On the “Simple Preferences” window, at the bottom, click “Save.”

Select "Save" at the bottom.

And that’s how you keep specific parts of a video while cutting everything else out. Very useful!

Did you know you can trim videos on your Android, iPhone, and iPad, too? Check out our guides to learn how.

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