How to integrate and Jira

Jack Wallen shows you how simple it is to integrate your and Jira accounts for a much more efficient workflow.

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Do you use for project management and Jira for issue management? If so, wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could integrate those two services for a much more efficient workflow?

Guess what? You can. Even better, the process is quite simple. The only caveat is the and Jira integration is currently in beta. However, it does function well enough to be used by your teams. With this integration you can sync Jira issues to your projects, making this a must-have for those who work with both platforms.

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Let’s make it happen.

What you’ll need to integrate with Jira

The only things you’ll need for this are both a and Jira account. That’s it.

How to integrate with Jira

The first thing you must do is log in to your and Jira accounts in the same web browser. Once you’ve taken care of that, go to your account, open a workspace and then head to one of your project boards. From there, click Integrate near the top right corner (Figure A).

Figure A

The Integrate button in a board.

In the resulting pop-up window, click Featured in the left navigation and then locate and click the Jira App (Figure B).

Figure B

The Jira app in the Integration marketplace.

In the next window (Figure C), click Add To Board.

Figure C

Adding Jira integration to

In typical fashion, you now must configure the integration. You will see the phrase (Figure D): Sync between [Jira icon] issues in [this project] of [this type] and items on this board with [these fields].

Figure D

Ready to configure your integration?

You must click and configure everything bracketed above according to your needs. For example, if you click [this project], you will be asked to choose between either When An Issue Is Created In Jira Create An Item In Monday.Com, and When An Item Is Created In Monday.Com Create An Issue In Jira (Figure E).

Figure E

You must choose how to sync between and Jira.

Once you’ve configured everything, click Add To Board and your integration is complete. However, you configured the sync between and Jira will now begin and your workflow can be more concentrated within a single platform.

Congratulations, you just integrated and Jira! Your project management will now become considerably more efficient.

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