How to Find the Cheapest Gas With Google Maps

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Google Maps on a phone.

High gas prices can be a real bummer when traveling or even just on your daily commute. Finding a fuel-efficient route is great, but eventually you will need gas. You can use Google Maps to find the cheapest gas near you.

Google Maps on iPhone, iPad, Android, and the web can not only navigate you to the nearest gas station, but also tell you how much gas costs there. It’s super easy to check and you don’t need any specialized apps for it.

First, open the Google Maps app or website and search for “gas near me” or tap the “Gas” shortcut.

Search for "Gas" in Google Maps.

The mobile apps display the gas prices right on the map. You can scroll around to see or swipe horizontally on the cards at the bottom of the screen.

Gas prices on Google Maps mobile.

On the web, the gas prices are listed with the results in the sidebar. Scroll vertically through the list to see the prices in your area.

Gas prices on Google Maps desktop.

That’s all there is to it! This is a very handy addition to Google Maps. You can scroll around and find the cheapest gas before leaving. If you want to go even further in-depth and find even more information on gas prices, an app such as GasBuddy is a step up.

While you’re on your phone checking gas prices, you might as well pay with your phone when you get there.

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