How to Enable 48MP Camera Mode on Your iPhone?

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We have been using higher megapixel sensors like 48MP, 64MP, and 108MP on Android for a while. While Apple was stuck with a 12 MP lens since the days of the iPhone 6s. But with iPhone 14 Pro, we got the new 48MP lens, improved optics to use the continuity camera feature, and more. In this article, we will talk about how to enable and use the 48MP sensor on your iPhone. Meanwhile, you can also learn, how to invert Picture and video Colors on Android or iPhone.

How to Enable 48MP camera mode on iPhone?

With the iPhone 14 Pro Series, Apple has introduced the 48MP camera to both the Pro models, i.e., the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Along with the new sensors, we also got new capabilities and features added to the camera app which is limited to the Pro series only. Below we have shared the steps to enable the 48MP mode on your iPhone 14 Pro series phone.

1. Open Settings and navigate to Camera.

use 48MP camera on iPhone

2. Under the Camera settings, tap on Formats.

use 48MP camera on iPhone

3. In the Formats section, enable the toggle for Apple ProRAW.

4. Now, tap the new ProRAW Resolution option and set it to 48MP.

use 48MP camera on iPhone

5. Go launch the Camera app, and tap the RAW button to capture photos in 48MP RAW mode.

6. You can view the Captured photo, from the Photos app, and notice the size and quality difference of the photo.

Note: In case of low light scenarios, the iPhone doesn’t take shots in 48MP mode, instead it switches to the 12 MP ultra-wide angle lens.

Bonus: Record Cinematic Videos on iPhone

Not only you can take 48MP photos, but can also record Cinematic videos mode which is available on iPhone 13 series and above. But before we dive into details and steps, first let’s understand what Cinematic mode does.

In simple words, the Cinematic mode is a portrait mode for videos where the main subject stays in focus while the background gets a depth view. However, if used correctly you can keep the foreground and background blurry, and keep your subject in focus, to give it a movie-like feel. Follow these steps to use cinematic mode on your iPhone.

1. Launch the Camera app on your iPhone, and switch to Cinematic Mode.

2. Tap the Arrow icon at the top of the screen.

3. Here, you can tap the ƒ button, to control the depth of field of any subject whereas the ± lets you adjust exposure based on the lighting conditions.

4. Once you have adjusted the controls, tap the Red Start button to record videos in Cinematic mode.


Q: What’s the size of a 48MP image shot on an iPhone camera?

A: The image size of a 48MP image shot on an iPhone is 19 times, and averaged around 75-80MB compared to a 12MP image of 4MB.

Q: Why my iPhone camera is not taking 48MP images?

A: You need to enable Apple ProRAW using the steps mentioned above, and then you can take 48MP images. However, in the case of low light, it automatically switches to the 12MP ultrawide lens.

Wrapping Up: Take 48Mp Photos from iPhone Camera

In this article, we discussed how to enable the 48MP camera mode on an iPhone. As of now, it is applicable to iPhone 14 Pro series only as only these two models have a 48MP image sensor. We also discussed how to enable Cinematic videos mode on iPhone. I hope you found this helpful if you did share it with your friends and family. Check out other tips linked below, and stay tuned to GadgetsToUse for more such tech tips.

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